The Essentials of Choosing Tiles for Your Small Bathroom

When it comes to renovating a bathroom in your home, selecting the right tile for the space is a crucial decision that will have a significant impact on the final outcome. The look and feel of a bathroom is not only intrinsically linked to the specific tile that has been chosen for the floor or backsplash, but also how the room blends in with your home's décor. If you're looking to update your small bathroom with the perfect tile, here are some essential tips to keep in mind.

Light vs. Dark Colors

The general consensus on color is that a lighter tile is advisable for bathrooms where space is at a premium. The reasoning behind this is that darker colors tend to absorb light, which can indeed be beneficial if your aim is to create a cozy space. For those looking to make a bathroom appear larger than it is, however, neutral colors like white and cream are better suited for reflecting light and opening up the space as much as possible. Consider also making the most out of all available natural light and selecting light fixtures that will enhance brightness.

The Size of the Tile

Selecting the tile that's right for the project also involves looking at size. There are different schools of thought when it comes to size, with some interior designers suggesting that the sheer number of small tiles leads the brain into thinking the space is larger and busier than it is. On the other hand, large tiles can also be utilized in that our minds associate them with large spaces, regardless of whether or not that's actually true. It's important to consider that the quantity of grout lines increases as the size of the tile decreases, so ultimately the size of the tile is a decision linked to personal preference.

Gloss or Matte Finish?

In addition to selecting a neutral-colored tile, consider the difference between matte and gloss tiles. Matte tiles can be quite appealing to the eye and offer better traction, but for small bathrooms, tiles with a gloss finish are highly attractive since they are perfectly suited for reflecting light. Smaller spaces can also be more challenging to deep clean, and a gloss finish is better suited for quicker, effortless cleaning.

Whichever tile you choose, Cornerstone Tile & Marble has a vast selection of tiles suitable for every project. Be sure to reach out to us for expert answers to all of your tile questions!

The Essentials of Choosing Tiles for Your Small Bathroom