Spanish Countertops In A South Easton Tile Store

  • Brand: COMPAC, Valencia, Spain
  • Collection:QUARTZ
  • Material: Quartz



Spain has, in recent times, emerged as one of the go-to global destinations for quartz tiles. For its part, COMPAC has helped drive that emergence. The company is headquartered in Spain, made up of 100% Spanish capital, and derives tile inspiration from Spanish traditions. Buy COMPAC if you favor Spanish-inspired tiles.

COMPAC’s growth strategy has seen it strike a delicate balance of preserving its creative flexibility while maintaining an independent decision-making spirit. For the trendiest COMPAC in Easton, MA, visit our tile store.

The company’s production centers have a total capacity of 4.5 million square meters of tiles per year. It employs more than 400 professionals and exports products to select global markets. COMPAC is undoubtedly a stellar choice among Spanish brands in Easton, MA.

The company has, over the years, refined its manufacturing process to be more eco- friendly. From 2011, for example, 100% of the energy consumed at its Portugal plant has been generated from renewable sources. Our tile showroom in Easton, MA, provides a unique catalog of COMPAC products.

Products by COMPAC