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Are you looking to buy tile? Our tile store in Easton is a proud retailer of a diverse and inimitable range of tile brands from around the world. Choose from our extensive collection of porcelain, ceramic, glass, metal and stone tile, from inexpensive to high-end options. When it comes to the unique origins and properties of tile, there is always something new to be discovered. Feel free to browse through our site to view all the brands our Massachusetts tile store has to offer. Let us impress you!

American Olean
American Olean (Lansdale, PA)
American tiles in South Easton, MA

An American tile company with an emphasis on the homegrown approach, American Olean prides itself on its premise of manufacturing porcelain, stone, mosaic, and assorted floor tiles entirely in the United States. Part of this ethos, in addition, is a commitment to guaranteeing buyers high-quality products that, at the same time, adhere to the highest environmental and safety standards. This, combined with its century-old heritage, is what sets American Olean apart.

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Anatolia Tile
Anatolia Tile (Thornhill, Canada)
Canadian tiles in South Easton, MA

A Canadian tile company by both birth and residence, Anatolia tiles has made a name for itself as a purveyor of high-fidelity Turkish tiles and other ceramic and stone fittings and supplies to customers all over the US and Canada. With its headquarters in Vaughan, Ontario, and a history spanning more than three decades, the company has expanded over the years and now covers a million-square-foot distribution and management facility.

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Ape Ceramica
Ape Ceramica (Castellon De La Plana, Spain)
Spanish tiles in South Easton, MA

APE Ceramica is a subdivision of APE Grupo; which is itself, a Spanish interior design and technical services company founded in 2016. APE Grupo designs and builds differentiated spaces with unique, bespoke design styles for clients all over the world. Its sub-brand, APE Ceramica, specializes in the manufacture and distribution of specialty ceramic tiles made for a variety of use cases: from interior décor to yard styling and public space design. Variants from the Spanish tile company, APE Ceramica, are sought after all over the world.

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Architectural Surfaces
Architectural Surfaces (Austin, TX)
American countertops in South Easton, MA

Former Pental Surfaces.

Established in 1989, this American brand has cut its teeth in the import and distribution of the highest-quality quartz and natural stone products. For what it lacks in manufacturing capacity, Architectural Surfacesmore than compensates in the careful curation of its imported product lines. Look no further if you’re onthe market for surfaces that make strong statements.

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Arley (Scranton, PA)
American tiles in South Easton, MA
For decades, many people who have renovation projects that need tiles have turned to Arley. The reputable American tile brand has a wide range of tiles made of beautiful natural stone, high-quality porcelain, and eye-catching glass. These are all high-quality materials Arley uses for its tiles for homes and businesses.
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Armar Tiles
Armar Tiles (Mamaroneck, NY)
American tiles in South Easton, MA
If you want to create a beautiful kitchen or bathroom, one of the best tile brands to pick is Armar Tiles. You can break the monotony of similarly-looking tiles by choosing different material types from this American tile brand. Among the available choices include metal, stone, glass, and porcelain. Armar tiles are ideal for large- and small-scale projects.
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Best Tile
Best Tile (Syracuse, NY)
American tiles in South Easton, MA
Unlocking the full potential of a room is the guiding philosophy at Best Tile. The American tile brand’s offerings are exceedingly adaptable, giving homeowners and contractors gorgeous options for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, outdoor spaces, and commercial settings. All tiles are sourced from prominent manufacturers, rich quarries, and revered craftsmen.
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Bestile (Alcora, Spain)
Spanish tiles in South Easton, MA
Because of its commitment to providing superior porcelain and ceramic tiles, Bestile has carved out a niche for itself in the uber-competitive tile market. The company’s tiles are so versatile that you can use them in homes, businesses, and public areas. You can also use this Spanish tile brand for indoor and outdoor applications.
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Boston Granite Exchange
Boston Granite Exchange (Haverhill, MA)
American countertops in South Easton, MA
The professionals at Boston Granite Exchange have a keen eye for selecting spectacular surfaces that embody the full range of the world’s most beautiful locales. For businesses and homes, this means that the American tile brand can be implemented to enhance the grandeur of any space.
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Caesarstone (Charlotte, NC)
American countertops in South Easton, MA

Long thought of as a brand whose products fit only a single, monolithic use case, Caesarstone has reinvented itself by showing what’s truly possible with quartz. From tiles to countertops and other fittings, this American tile brand transforms your living space into one of immense beauty, interaction,and creativity.

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Cambria USA
Cambria USA (Eden Prairie, MN)
American countertops in South Easton, MA

Natural quartz is an incredibly difficult material to work with. However, Cambria USA has, through decades of incremental improvement, perfected the science. This American brand is known for its exquisite crop of pure quartz tiles, countertops, nooks, and fixtures. It’s a family-owned enterprisewhose products are wholly manufactured stateside.

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Casalgrande Padana
Casalgrande Padana (Casalgrande, Italy)
Italian tiles in South Easton, MA

Casalgrande Padana is an Italian tile company specializing in the manufacture of luxury ceramic and stone tiles. Having been in existence for more than 60 years, the company, with its "made in Italy" mantra, has since become one of the key players in modern Italian architectural design. Casalgrande Padana employs an industrial approach to tile manufacturing; evolving its designs through reliance on technology and innovation. Its eco-friendly model stands out, as well, as one of the company’s defining features.

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Ceramica Colli
Ceramica Colli (Fiorano Modenese, Italy)
Italian tiles in South Easton, MA

Ceramica Colli is an Italian tile company specializing in ceramic, porcelain, and marble tiles, based in the Fiorano Modenese region of Italy, and situated right at the heart of Sassuolo’s ceramic district. In keeping with the reputation of its immediate surroundings, Ceramica Colli uses the highest quality raw materials, technical processes, and equipment. This forms an integral part of the company’s push towards driving Italian tile making excellence forward.

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Ceramica Gazzini
Ceramica Gazzini (Rubiera, Italy)
Italian tiles in South Easton, MA

A storied Italian tile company, Ceramica Gazzini is headquartered in the Rubiera municipality of Italy. The company is among the world-leading manufacturers of ceramic coverings, floorings, and fittings. For half a century, Ceramica Gazzini has decked out interior spaces in six different continents and can be seen in a variety of commercial and public indoor and outdoor designs. The company also flies the "made in Italy" flag proudly, manufacturing all of its tile variants locally.

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Ceramica Magica
Ceramica Magica (Modena, Italy)
Italian tiles in South Easton, MA

An integral part of the Terratinta Group of companies, Ceramica Magica has been manufacturing and distributing its Italian-made tiles since 1983. Ceramica Magica itself is an Italian tile company that is based in the Fiorano Modenese region of Italy and handles a worldwide clientele of buyers. The company prides itself on its unique take on modern ceramic and porcelain stoneware trends.

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Ceramica Sant’Agostino
Ceramica Sant’Agostino (Sant’Agostino, Italy)
Italian tiles in South Easton, MA

Ceramica Sant’Agostino (or Sant’Agostino as it is commonly known) is an Italian tile manufacturer with a specialization in ceramic tiles, fixtures, and other design embellishments. In its more than 50 year existence, the company’s focus on technology, innovation, and traditional values has allowed it to craft acclaimed collections for its global customer base.

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Ceramiche Campogalliano
Ceramiche Campogalliano (Fiorano Modenese, Italy)
Italian tiles in South Easton, MA

With a company history dating back to the 1980s, the Italian ceramic tile company, Ceramiche Campogalliano, has a story that is closely intertwined with that of Fiorano Modenese, Italy’s bustling tile manufacturing epicenter. Following its acquisition in 1990 by Verde, the brand has evolved and adopted newer brand directions, resulting in more up-to-date ceramic designs.

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Ceramiche Mariner
Ceramiche Mariner (Castellarano, Italy)
Italian tiles in South Easton, MA
All tiles made by Mariner benefit from the perfect confluence of the durability of ceramics with the impeccable design of a leading tile manufacturer. The Italian tile brand offers many sizes, styles, and effects of tiles that make upgrading any kitchen, living room, bathroom, or commercial property a walk in the park. You can achieve any look for your space with this huge range of tiles from Mariner.
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Cerdomus (Castel Bolognese, Italy)
Italian tiles in South Easton, MA

In 1969, Cesare Biancini founded Cerdomus Ceramiche, an Italian tile company. After opening an all new factory in 1979, the company build its name on a passion for incredible design and amazing work for both designers and builders. The brand is known for its vitrified stoneware tiles, and has expansive living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom collections. To see tile from Cerdomus for yourself, browse or online collection come to our tile store today!

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Cerim (Modena, Italy)
Italian tiles in South Easton, MA
Thanks to a plentiful array of sizes, formats, thicknesses, colors, and effects, there is always a Cerim tile that can take your project to newfound heights. Kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and even outdoor spaces can be revolutionized with one of the Italian tile company’s singular designs.
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Colorker (Alcora, Spain)
Spanish tiles in South Easton, MA

Founded over 30 years ago, Colorker is a Spanish tile company started by a group of entrepreneurs, determined to create incredible ceramic products. Guided by their three pillars: inspiration, cutting edge, and connection. This company finds it incredibly important to create the best tile possible, along with the best customer experience. With 78 different collections, including Coliseum and Bloom, Colorker will not disappoint you for sure.

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COMPAC (Valencia, Spain)
Spanish countertops in South Easton, MA

Compac was founded in 1975 and shortly after, it became the first Spanish brand to stock a variety of engineered quartz and marble tile options. The company remains headquartered in Spain to this day and offers the same quality products it has since the beginning.

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Country Floors
Country Floors (New York, NY)
American tiles in South Easton, MA
The through line in Country Floors’ staggering selection of creative tiles is a singular approach to modern design excellence. In utilizing only the most outstanding materials as the basis for each tile, the American tile company is highly sought after for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and numerous other luxurious settings.
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Crossville (Crossville, TN)
American tiles in South Easton, MA

Founded in 1972, Crossville Tile is a family-owned American tile company which, at its root, is determined to create and sell the highest quality tile with an incredible design. The company works primarily with porcelain tile, but also creates stunning glass, ceramic, and natural stone varieties. Crossville uses only the most cutting-edge technology to deliver stunning tile for both indoor and outdoor spaces, ranging from countertops to walls and floors. To purchase Crossville tile, visit our store today!

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DalTile (Dallas, TX)
American tiles in South Easton, MA

For over 70 years, DalTile has been a leading American tile company, known for its commitment to the incredible quality and durability of its tile. Founded in Dallas, Texas, DalTile is recognized for its incredible ceramic tile, producing more of it by volume that any other manufacturer. They are the gold standard of American manufacturing, with over a dozen facilities in North America and are recognized as best-in-class tile by other industry professionals.

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Decocer (Castellon, Spain)
Spanish tiles in South Easton, MA

Based in the country’s Castellon region, Decocer is a Spanish tile company that has made its name producing high-quality small-format ceramic tiles. The company offers personalized tile solutions customized to suit its customers’ visions for interior design and architecture projects. Its tiles and other ceramic elements blend effortlessly into any space, complementing rather than contrasting with the overall aesthetic.

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Del Conca USA
Del Conca USA (Loudon, TN)
American tiles in South Easton, MA

Del Conca is an American tile company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of specialty, high-quality ceramic tiles and surfaces. The company designs multiple-use ceramic surfaces that breathe life to customers’ dreams, with bespoke product lines that merge experience and technology. With Del Conca, you can ideate your desired tiles and, leveraging cutting-edge techniques and practices, have custom tiles tailor-made to suit those desires.

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Dom Design Lab
Dom Design Lab (Solignano Di Castelvetro, Italy)
Italian tiles in South Easton, MA
Dom Design Lab (formerly known as Dom Ceramiche) is on a journey to assist homeowners and contractors in rethinking what traditional ceramic tiles can achieve. By employing state-of-the-art technologies and drawing design inspiration from world-class professionals, the Italian tile company consistently adds to a selection that is broad in scope and uncompromising in quality.
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Edimaxastor (Solignano, Italy)
Italian tiles in South Easton, MA

Edimax, or Edimax Astor Gruppo Beta SpA in full, is an Italian tile company based in the town of Solignano Nuovo, in the country’s Modena region. With a specialization in colored-body, glazed porcelain floor and wall tiles, its vast and comprehensive product portfolio is entirely available for purchase in the US market. Edimax tile designs are inspired by the company’s interpretation of contemporary global porcelain manufacturing and design trends.

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Elios Ceramica
Elios Ceramica (Solignano Nuovo, Italy)
Italian tiles in South Easton, MA

Founded more than 50 years ago in 1968, Elios Ceramica is an Italian tile company that prides itself on its meteoric rise. From its founding, the company hit the ground running, manufacturing small-format ceramic floor tiles that have captivated the entire Italian market and, indeed, that of the world. Drawing from its unique inspirations, the company creates styles that mimic the appearance of other naturally occurring materials.

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Elon Tile & Stone
Elon Tile & Stone (Bethel, CT)
American tiles in South Easton, MA
One of the most impressive suppliers of porcelain, terracotta, waterjet, mosaic, and natural stone tiles is Elon Tile & Stone. The company has perfected the art of creating unique tiles for backsplashes, floors, and walls. The American tile brand stands out because of the extent it goes to give its tiles a distinctive look.
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Emilceramica (Modena, Italy)
Italian tiles in South Easton, MA

Emilceramica is an Italian tile company that was established in 1961 as part of Emilgroup. Based in the Fiorano Modenese region of Italy, the company has now become a leader in the global ceramic tiles industry. Emilceramica operates at a massive scale, manufacturing up to nine million square meters of tile annually across the company’s portfolio of more than 6.500 unique variants.

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Equipe Ceramicas
Equipe Ceramicas (Figueroles, Spain)
Spanish tiles in South Easton, MA
Floor and wall tiles in a terrific array of sizes and colors allow Equipe Ceramicas to stand out among even the most notable producers of Spanish tile. From kitchens and bathrooms to living rooms and commercial spaces, the brand’s versatility means it can effortlessly transform the beauty of any location.
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Florida Tile
Florida Tile (Lexington, KY)
American tiles in South Easton, MA

Florida Tile is an American tile company that handles the manufacturing and wide-scale distribution of porcelain and ceramic wall tiles, décor glass, and stone tiles. Innovation, ingenuity, and initiative have always been at the forefront of the company’s DNA through the years, as it charted a course of tilemaking excellence from its founding in the 1950’s. Today, Florida Tile is sold all over the US and in other parts of North America and select offshore markets.

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Fujiwa Tiles
Fujiwa Tiles (Anaheim, CA)
American tiles in South Easton, MA
As a brand that has been at the forefront of pool and spa tiles for several decades, Fujiwa Tiles incorporates a breadth of international influences into a uniquely American tile. The company prioritizes quality above all to offer a line of porcelain-glazed mosaic tiles that never cease to impress.
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Genrose Stone & Tile
Genrose Stone & Tile (Middletown, CT)
American tiles in South Easton, MA
It’s all about customization when choosing Genrose Stone & Tile for your residential or commercial space. Impeccable build quality meets a sensational tile selection for a tile catalog suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor spaces, and more. The American tile company seeks to be the ideal representation of your personal taste.
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Glazzio Tile
Glazzio Tile (Brooklyn, NY)
American tiles in South Easton, MA
One of the reasons why glass tiles are so popular is their mesmerizing appearance when light hits them at the right angle. In no other product is the effect more pronounced than in Glazzio tiles. It is among very few American tile brands that produce unmistakably unique designs by incorporating distinct colors that bring out the majesty of a glass finish.
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Grespania (L’alcora, Spain)
Spanish tiles in South Easton, MA

From its founding in 1976, this Spanish tile company located in the company’s Castellon region, has been serving up Mediterranean-inspired ceramic tile products to customers in different parts of Europe and the rest of the world. The company currently runs three state-of-the-art factories that produce white body wall tiles, large-format porcelain laminates, and porcelain stoneware floors.

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HanStone (Ontario, Canada)
Canadian countertops in South Easton, MA

HanStone is the Canadian brand subsidiary of Hyundai L&C. The brand came to existence following its parent company’s acquisition of Hanwha Surfaces in 2018 Today, HanStone has its American headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia and boasts a state-of-the-art, 250,000 square foot manufacturing facility in London, Ontario.

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Happy Floors
Happy Floors (Miami, FL)
American tiles in South Easton, MA

A wholesale importer of tile and a well-known distributer, Happy Floors is a very large American tile company. Known for its creative and high-quality flooring and tile, Happy Floors has been in business for dozens of years, loved by customers and installers alike. With styles like Tacoma and Titan and colors ranging from the darkest blues to the lightest browns, Happy Floors is sure to make any room in your home shine.

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Impronta Ceramiche
Impronta Ceramiche (Modena, Italy)
Italian tiles in South Easton, MA

A fine Italian tile company, Impronta Ceramiche is known for its one-of-a-kind craftsmanship creating porcelain tile. Having been on the marketplace since 1975, Impronta is an Italian tile company that is trusted with combining exceptionally durable materials with a unique Italian flavor to form an incredible product. Although they specialize in the classic porcelain tile, they have also mastered ceramic slabs with their accrued technical excellence.

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Iris US
Iris US (Anaheim, CA)
American tiles in South Easton, MA

Iris Ceramics, a part of Stonepeak Ceramics, is an American tile company established in 2004. At its head, this company was created to deliver high-quality American products, and to balance style and toughness in its ceramic tile. Iris Ceramics has a giant network of dealers across the country and is one of the biggest of its kind. No matter the project, Iris Ceramics will have the product you are looking for.

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Island Stone
Island Stone (Capitola, CA)
American tiles in South Easton, MA

While many other American tile company founders were inspired by perceived real-life business opportunities, the story of Island Stone started a little differently. During their visit in 1990, company’s founders were inspired by the mesmerizing shores of the Indonesian island of Bali. The serene island inspired both the founding of Island Stone and many of its new product lines even today.

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La Fabbrica
La Fabbrica (Castel Bolognese, Italy)
Italian tiles in South Easton, MA

With its tagline, the "civilization of beauty", La Fabbrica is revolutionizing the quality and perception of Italian tiles and wall coverings. Founded in 1994 and headquartered in the Castel Bolognese region of the country, the company’s three main considerations are creativity, design, and product quality.

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Lunada Bay Tile
Lunada Bay Tile (Harbor City, CA)
American tiles in South Easton, MA
Lunada bay is one of the few remaining companies that make handcrafted ceramic, glass, and concrete tiles. This American tile company has simple yet elegant tiles thanks to their choice of textures and unique colors. The tiles from the storied company get inspiration from the enthralling light and sights from the coast of Southern California.
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LX Hausys
LX Hausys (Seoul, South Korea)
South Korean countertops in South Easton, MA

Established in 1947 under Lak Hui Chemical Industrial Corp., the Korean brand has seen quite some change through its over 70-year history. Nowadays, LX Hausys operates under the LG Chem umbrella and manufactures high quality tiles, wooden surfaces, and acrylic surfaces.

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Maniscalco (Irving, TX)
American tiles in South Easton, MA

The beauty of Maniscalco’s products permeates the company’s entire intellectual property portfolio: from website to its actual tiles. Since 2013, this American tile company has identified its main goal as serving its mostly American audience with unique stone, glass, ceramic, and metal tiles, ornaments, and fixtures at commendable prices.

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Marazzi USA
Marazzi USA (Sunnyvale, TX)
American tiles in South Easton, MA
Despite having its roots in Italy, Marazzi USA manufactures a vast number of its ceramic tile collections locally for proudly American tile. The company boasts an impressive number of ceramic tile collections that highlight the company’s Italian origins, with effects and finishes ranging from earthy stone and wood to luxurious mosaics and marble.
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Marble and Granite Inc
Marble and Granite Inc (Westwood, MA)
American tiles in South Easton, MA
Achieving modern excellence with graceful stone surfaces appears almost effortless for Marble and Granite, Inc. The polished results that define the American tile company, however, are only produced through state-of-the-art production processes, breakthrough tile technologies, and a resolute commitment to selecting only the finest raw materials available.
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Marble Systems
Marble Systems (Fairfax, VA)
American tiles in South Easton, MA
Undeterred in its quest to bring opulent natural stone, marble, and ceramic tiles to homes and businesses alike, Marble Systems cuts no corners with its state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. The American tile company has been making dreams come true since 1982 with a catalog overflowing with versatile luxury tiles.
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Mediterranea (Doral, FL)
American tiles in South Easton, MA

If you’re on the market for an American tile brand with a truly bottomless portfolio, Mediterranea is a great choice. The company’s tile variants incorporate a diverse array of materials, finishes, and aesthetics: from wood looks to stone, cement, rustic, and contemporary. Waving its "made in the USA" flag high, the company’s products are purpose-built primarily for the American tile buyer’s needs.

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MS International, Inc.
MS International, Inc. (Orange, CA)
American tiles in South Easton, MA

MS International is a global conglomerate whose primary business is the importation and distribution of a variety of tiles, countertops, mosaics, and sinks. With an import volume exceeding 50,000 containers annually and over 5,000 unique product variants, the company serves a vast, diverse audience with world-class products every day.

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Natucer (Castello, Spain)
Spanish tiles in South Easton, MA

Natucer is a Spanish ceramic tile manufacturer based in Onda, in the Castellon region of the country. The company manufactures a wide variety of ceramic tile products, from bathroom tiles to floor, backsplash, and wall tiles. It also has a few decorative pieces and embellishments as part of its product portfolio.

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NovaBell (Roteglia, Italy)
Italian tiles in South Easton, MA

From indoor to outdoor tiles, floor and wall tiles, NovaBell has you covered. This Italian tile company’s wide array of porcelain tile products fit most use cases, are an excellent addition to any space, and last for copious amounts of time. The company’s outdoor tiles are themselves a bestseller, with a 20mm thickness for added durability and hard-wearing.

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Nustone Quartz
Nustone Quartz (Denver, CO)
American countertops in South Easton, MA
The irreproachable strength of quartz is utilized by Nustone Quartz to produce masterly surfaces that elevate the splendor of any space. Color options from the American tile company vary from the quiet and subdued to the glamorous and bold, allowing homeowners and business owners to implement them in countless settings.
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Otto Tile
Otto Tile (Little Ferry, NJ)
American tiles in South Easton, MA
Thanks to more than a decade of creating premium quality tiles in New Jersey, Otto Tile has gained recognition as a high-quality American tile provider. The company’s tiles are suitable for many commercial and domestic applications. The bespoke color shades and nature-inspired styles accentuate the wide selection of tiles from the brand.
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Pamesa Ceramica
Pamesa Ceramica (Madrid, Spain)
Spanish tiles in South Easton, MA
Full immersion in design bliss is enjoyed by those who choose Pamesa Ceramica for their kitchen, bathroom, living room, and outdoor patio remodels. A plethora of styles and tile sizes make it easy to implement the Spanish tile company’s products into any space for a truly enthralling result.
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Porcelanosa (Villarreal, Spain)
Spanish tiles in South Easton, MA
Whether it’s a state-of-the-art healthcare facility, luxury boutique shop, or one-of-a-kind home, Porcelanosa can upgrade any space with ease. The internationally-recognized source for consummate Spanish tile can make renovating a kitchen, bathroom, living room, or outdoor space a true joy with its highly-dependable and captivating tiles.
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Radianz (La Palma, CA)
American countertops in South Easton, MA

Crafting high-quality American tile has always been Radianz’s primary focus. The brand offers quartz countertops for kitchens, bathrooms, and a wide assortment of commercial settings. Produced through an eco-friendly process and with colors that simply dazzle, Radianz has established itself as a desirable brand with a distinguished appearance.

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Ragno USA
Ragno USA (Sunnyvale, TX)
American tiles in South Easton, MA
If you are looking for the best tiles for your project, you must go through many types and styles of tiles. Ragno USA seeks to satisfy the needs of many people by becoming an all-inclusive brand for tiles. This American tile company’s products are ideal for use in bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and any other place where you’d want to install tiles.
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Roca Tile
Roca Tile (Barcelona, Spain)
Spanish tiles in South Easton, MA

Starting life as a manufacturer of cast iron radiators for domestic heating equipment from its Gava 1st factory in Barcelona, this Spanish tile company’s 90-year existence has had excitement and growth in equal measure. Today, Roca Tile manufactures tiles with a focus on the bathroom.

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Saime Ceramiche
Saime Ceramiche (Modena, Italy)
Italian tiles in South Easton, MA

SAIME (or Societa Anonima Industrie Materials Edili) is an Italian tile brand that got its start in 1938 in the Sassuolo region of the country. With a family history spanning decades, the brand is presently led by the Gambigliani family. The company excels in the manufacture of its specialty large-format ceramic tiles.

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Santamargherita (Verona, Italy)
Italian countertops in South Easton, MA

An Italian tile brand that is entrenched in the incomparable artistic history of Italy, Santamargherita is known for their premium quartz and marble surfaces. The company’s portfolio includes bold countertops for kitchens and bathrooms, as well as residential and commercial floors that will add opulence to any space.

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Serenissima Ceramiche
Serenissima Ceramiche (Casalgrande, Italy)
Italian tiles in South Easton, MA

When it comes to beautiful Italian porcelain tile, few companies do it better than Serenissima Ceramiche. The company has established a strong footing as a manufacturer of porcelain tiles and stoneware finished for residential and light commercial use. For more than 50 years, the company has blazed the porcelain trail for others to follow!

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Settecento (Fiorano Modenese, Italy)
Italian tiles in South Easton, MA

Settecento is an Italian tile brand that has identified its primary mission as its unique passion for all things ceramic: from tiles to countertops and backsplashes. Wherever ceramic can be used in a home, Settecento products are an excellent fit. A compelling materials choice and exquisite craftsmanship set the company’s products apart.

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Sicis (Milano, Italy)
Italian tiles in South Easton, MA

Founded in 1987, this Italian tile brand had to endure turbulent early days with slim budgets and restrictive expansion prospects. The company opened its first studio in Cannuzzo Cervia and, ever since, it has enjoyed wave after wave of expansion, accomplishments, and international recognition.

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Silestone (Coral Gables, FL)
American countertops in South Easton, MA

Silestone is as much a testament to engineering ingenuity as it is an American tile brand. This is because the name is also the trademark tag for a new hybrid material purpose-made for use as tiles, countertops, and other decorative pieces. Silestone products can be found across the United stated and in some foreign markets as well.

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Sintesi (Sassuolo, Italy)
Italian tiles in South Easton, MA

Based in Mosca in the Sassuolo region of the country, this Italian tile brand is the “beating heart” of itsparent brand establishment, Gruppo Ceramiche Gresmalt. Established in 1998, the company has beenserving markets home and abroad with its high-fashion ceramic tile collections straight from Sassuolo’sprolific tile-making district. The company offers a wide range of tile sizes, colors, and design aesthetics.

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Soho Studio
Soho Studio (Brooklyn, NY)
American tiles in South Easton, MA
One of the best things you can do for your home or business remodeling is to choose tiles from Soho Studio. The company has an impressive array of tiles in various designs, colors, and patterns. Moreover, this American tile brand makes tiles from porcelain, terrazzo, marble, and glass to give you a comprehensive range of options for your projects.
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Spectrum Quartz
Spectrum Quartz (Cranbury, NJ)
American countertops in South Easton, MA
As a New Jersey company that proudly manufactures many of its surfaces at a technologically-advanced facility in South Carolina, Spectrum Quartz is a true-to-life example of an American tile company. Its wide selection of quartz includes styles like granite, marble, and quartzite for ultimate customization and artistic possibilities.
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StoneImpressions (San Diego, CA)
American tiles in South Easton, MA
At the intersection of artistry and craftsmanship is where you’ll find StoneImpression’s remarkable examples of American tile. It has been decades since the company was passionately founded in a garage, but that spirit of innovation remains in each unique tile the company produces for residential and commercial settings.
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TAU Ceramica
TAU Ceramica (Onda, Spain)
Spanish tiles in South Easton, MA
Motivated to be the essential tile provider for homeowners and contractors alike, TAU Ceramica oversees a massive selection of original tile designs. Successful projects include plenty of luxury homes in Spain, and that effortless Spanish tile beauty can be introduced into any interior or exterior space you are considering.
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Undefasa (Alcora, Spain)
Spanish tiles in South Easton, MA

Undefasa is situated right at the heart of the Spanish tile industry and since its inception in 1967, has built an entire brand around the prolific propagation of the region’s tile traditions and passion – driven by consummate experience, effort, and dedication. Even today, the company still remains headquartered in Spain’s Castellon region.

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Unicom Starker
Unicom Starker (Modena, Italy)
Italian tiles in South Easton, MA

This Italian tile brand is based out of the Fiorano Modenese region of Italy. With its philosophy of entrepreneurial dynamism combined with innovation and advancements in ceramic tile production technology, Unicom Starker is now synonymous with Italian tile excellence, ceramic artistry, and customer satisfaction.

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Vadara (Los Angeles, CA)
American countertops in South Easton, MA

Vadara is an American brand that manufactures high-quality quartz surfaces for use on floors, walls, countertops, and kitchen vanities. The brand is part of the US Surfaces umbrella and combines beauty, function, value, and innovation as part of its product strategy. Its colors are also unmatched in quartz.

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Vallelunga (Nepi, Italy)
Italian tiles in South Easton, MA
Vallelunga’s inspiration to make tiles comes from a desire to design modern tiles by tapping into many generations of traditional tile-making knowledge. This Italian tile company regularly makes elegant tile collections that are easily distinguishable. The renowned quality of Vallelunga tiles makes it an excellent choice for people who appreciate quality and elegance.
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Valmori Ceramica
Valmori Ceramica (Modena, Italy)
Italian tiles in South Easton, MA
Valmori Ceramica brings industrial and hand-made ceramic tiles to customers. The Italian tile company’s mission to attain perfection is the driving force behind its continued growth in the global market. Further, with proven expertise and craftsmanship, the manufacturers have introduced a range of lavish and contemporary products.
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Vitacer (Castellon, Spain)
Spanish tiles in South Easton, MA
The longevity, strength, and sophistication of Spanish tile brands are unmatched. Vitacer is a Spanish tile manufacturer that depicts these qualities and achieves customer satisfaction through state-of-art tile manufacturing technology. Additionally, Vitacer’s ceramic tiles and flooring material have won over customers due to their modernized style and visual appeal.
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Zen Paradise
Zen Paradise (Goleta, CA)
American tiles in South Easton, MA
One of the most recognizable American tile companies that have carved a niche for themselves is Zen Paradise. The company has many one-of-a-kind tile designs that it produces with natural Indonesian raw materials. Zen Paradise, as the name implies, draws great inspiration from nature. The company has nature-inspired colors like sky blues, bleach whites, and coral pinks.
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